Root Awakening; 8-wk class series

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This 8-class series (Jan 7th-Feb 25th) is intended for women who have gone through childbearing, ranging from 6 weeks postpartum to postmenapausal. If you have ever given birth, you are postpartum. :)

The series is created to help forge a deeper relationship with the pelvic floor as well as deep core muscles. It is also designed to assist on the healing journey after having a baby, and if you’ve never addressed your pelvic floor or deep core muscles after giving birth, you are still on that healing journey.
In this series you will learn about the pelvic floor anatomy, the different functions, and common dysfunctions or injuries of the deep core muscles and how to approach healing this area of the body in a holistic way. You might even find out that the more we look at and practice the holistic healing of our roots, the rest of the body will flourish.
This series will build upon itself week after week. By doing this we will be able to address the nuances of healing from the roots up, so to speak. If there is a week that you are unable to attend the class, please contact Kristen to find an alternative time to make up for this class.

*Please note that this class can be attended virtually or in-person.

*New Mamas (6 wks - 1 yr post-partum) receive a 20% discount off the regular price.

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