DJ Finwall

Sound Healer

DJ has been researching and practicing various sound techniques that cultivate restoration and
relaxation for about 5 years now. He finds vocal toning to be the most effective and beneficial, as it can
be an interactive experience where two or more people find harmony together while creating
intentional vibrations with their own bodies. DJ finds purpose in communing with Nature, the larger
whole of which we are all a single part. He aims to bring harmony into everyone’s life through sound.
Raising vibration with every step, DJ utilizes singing bowls, tuning forks, and vocal toning techniques to
bring relaxation and healing to the surface. He feels that the body naturally wants to be in a state of
harmony with itself, other people, and the Earth. The key to his practice is creating a space in which the
body allows this healing harmony to occur.


Monday-Friday 11am - 5pm 

Evenings & Weekends by appointment

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601 N. 3rd St.

Marquette, MI 49855

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