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We Are Wellness

BeWell was created by Kate Lewandowski & Christopher Ray from the yearning to minimize suffering and give people options and inspiration to feel good physically and mentally. We also wanted a space where people can collaborate, play, and feel vitalized.

We offer a variety of group classes and personal therapies, knowing that we always need different things at different times. And we will continually be adding events and collaborating with new teachers. So stay in touch!



Kate Lewandowski

Yoga Instructor

Sharon Bohjanen

Yoga Instructor

Kristen Erdman

Sound Healer

DJ Finwall

Massage Therapist

Christy Beulah Budnick


Christopher Ray

Functional Health Coach

Michael Darlington-West

Physical Therapist

Rachel Skaw

Mindfulness & Play

Jennifer Olson-Pickard

QiGong Instructor

Tammy Schlorke

Yoga Instructor

Amanda Hofacker

Yoga Instructor

Olivia Apa

Yoga Instructor

Gabi Hagen

Yoga Instructor

Phoebe LaTulip

Yoga Instructor

Grace Rieger

Our Space

Our Space
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