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(Re)discover Yoga - Kate L.

This creative class is slow enough to give you time to adjust, feel subtle internal awareness, breathe, and expand. And strong enough to kick your butt if you desire. Receive alignment cues and personal attention. Self-massage therapy is woven into every class, which is a unique compliment to traditional yoga asana. Drawing from a variety of eastern and western movement and spiritual disciplines, Kate expands asana into a holistic strengthening and healing experience. Kate provides options to make this class accessible to beginners, as well as interesting and challenging for long-time yogis.


Power into Balance - Alexandra K.

This is a strengthening, toning and sculpting practice for the entire body. This power based workout will be a balance of combining strong yoga postures, with breath to build muscle and deepen flexibility. This class can be offered as a whole body practice or as a series where each class is dedicated to a specific muscle group. No experience needed, these classes are individualized and accessible to beginner groups as well as challenging for more athletic bodies. 


Hatha Yoga - Alexandra K. 

This Hatha Yoga class focuses on breath, body connection, posture alignment and balance. It is a holistic, full body journey. She believes yoga is accessible to everyone and her teaching is grounded in creating health and happiness on all levels using: proper breath, exercise, relaxation, diet, meditation and positive thinking. Alexandra is  passionate about helping others to create space in their busy lives for  spiritual and physical practice using acceptance, mindfulness and body mind connection.


Gentle Yoga - Amanda H.

Regardless of our physical backgrounds, we all need to cultivate areas of gentleness into our lives and in relationship to our bodies. Gentle Yoga takes our practice down a notch and allows us to ease into postures with grace and time to explore. This class will be accessible for all levels, with a focus on providing modifications and support using blocks, bolsters, and blankets. Our goal is to target the parasympathetic nervous system using particular postures and breath work so that your body and mind can experience a state of genuine calmness.


Effort & Ease Yoga Amanda H. 

This class is perfect for anyone who seeks to build strength, sculpt lean muscles, and experience the aerobic and endurance enhancing benefits of yoga. One of the key elements to endurance is better utilizing oxygen to deliver to working muscles. By utilizing powerful, yet accessible yoga postures and sequences, accompanied by a strong and deep breathing practice, your body will feel stronger- both on and off your mat. We will incorporate strength circuits for all areas of the body followed by restorative postures that will calm the body and mind after working to your own individual edge. (Recommended for anyone, but some experience with Yoga or bodyweight exercises is helpful.)


Yin/Yang Yoga - Amanda H. 

Yin Yoga places emphasis on stillness, meditation, and holding poses for longer periods of time. It carves out spaces of quietness where students are able to feel deeper into both their emotional and physical bodies. Yin targets the deep connective tissues of the body (fascia, ligaments, and joints), and should be used as a complimentary practice to more strenuous exercise practices. The purpose of Yin is to lightly stress and stimulate these deep connective tissues that are not emphasized to the same degree in other forms of exercise, helping to increase flexibility and joint mobility. Yin is suitable for every body type, as each posture can be modified with the use of blankets, bolsters, and blocks.


Slow Burn Yoga  -  Kirsten E.

A slow flow yoga practice focusing on traditional hatha yoga postures and alignment. This practice will help build strength and flexibility, bringing about a sense of stability in the body. This is a focused slow flowing practice with postures sequenced to move the body with ease from one posture into the next.


Easy Peezy Yoga - Julia K.

A slow easy paced class designed for beginners or the experienced practitioner. This class will involve a series of simple breathing techniques, gentle yoga postures and a relaxing meditation.


Fluid Flow Yoga - Julia K.

Join a vinyasa based yoga class focusing on linking breath to each movement. This class will offer a safe cocoon for the student to explore each posture and find their own flow and express themselves through movement.

Root-Awakening Yoga- Kirsten E.

The series is created to help forge a deeper relationship with the pelvic floor as well as deep core muscles. It is also designed to assist on the healing journey after having a baby, and if you’ve never addressed your pelvic floor or deep core muscles after giving birth, you are still on that healing journey. In this series you will learn about the pelvic floor anatomy, the different functions, and common dysfunctions or injuries of the deep core muscles and how to approach healing this area of the body in a holistic way. You might even find out that the more we look at and practice the holistic healing of our roots, the rest of the body will flourish. This series will build upon itself week after week. By doing this we will be able to address the nuances of healing from the roots up, so to speak. If there is a week that you are unable to attend the class, please contact Kristen to find an alternative time to make up for this class.

Breath & Meditation

Sound Bath - DJ Finwall

DJ Finwall utilizes singing bowls, vocal toning, tuning folks, and other techniques to reduce stress and induce relaxation and meditation. People can more easily enter the body's natural state of well-being when they are very relaxed. The goal of DJ’s Sound Therapy is to create a soundscape that guides people into these relaxed meditative states allowing the body's natural healing flow to occur on subtle levels

Magnifying our Inner Light - Jenn P.

As daylight wanes and winter solstice draws near, let us come together to magnify our inner light of Awareness.  Together we will learn the practices of Mindfulness and Letting Go to make space for Light.   Then we will increase our Love through the practices of Compassion and Equanimity. And finally,  we will emanate our intention by focusing on Gratitude and Giving and Receiving practices. As daylight darkens, our inner lights will shine!


Breathe & Center - Kate L.

Do racing thoughts keep you up at night? Ever feel paralyzed by doubt and fear? Or feel like you can’t catch your breath? The list could go on….  If anxiety distracts your life, or you just can’t get a restful night of sleep, this class is for you. Life is chaotic, and somehow, we have to make peace with the running. If not, stress and anxiety take over.  These 30-minute, stress-buster classes focus on breathing, centering, and rediscovering that unbreakable, worthy, capable essence within yourself. Trust that it is possible to melt anxiety and get a good night’s sleep.  Take a break in the middle of your day to reconnect with yourself. 

Mindfulness Meditation (Jan 2021) - Jennifer P. 

Mindfulness training is 100% effective at making us better at everything we do! Through stillness and movement this series will explore breath, sound, body scans, thoughts, emotions and feelings, pain and spatial awareness. You will practice cultivating more presence, awareness and grounding so you can better meet your life during this groundless, unpredictable time. All levels welcome. You may attend in the studio or at home via Zoom. $90 for the full six-week course. 2 scholarships are available. Inquire for details.


Self Massage

Recovery & Prevention

Chris & Kate

Come take care of those chronic aches and pains or keep your body feeling good with the help of rollers, balls, tools, and props. This is deep bodywork intended to release congestion and pain, and provide you with more energy, flexibility, and range of motion.  BeWell owners, Kate and Chris, consider this practice (along with breathing and mindfulness) to be one of the most basic self-care activities we can do our whole lives. Designed for all ages and capabilities. 


Sit on Your Partner - Chris & Kate

Don’t laugh; we’re serious. Bring a friend or partner and learn how to deliver therapeutic, blissful bodywork. You are capable of helping each other release chronic aches and pains. Sometimes that means sitting on their legs or arms. Or walking on each other. For example, sitting on someone's legs can provide lower back relief. Using your heels on their shoulders to relieve neck pain. These are simple but deep massage techniques. You will gain a better understanding of where pain originates and how the body is connected from your toes to your nose. NO prior massage experience needed. This is extraordinary work designed for ordinary people. Come have some fun and learn how to help each other out


Dance 'Cuz it Feels Good - Kate L.

The dance techniques are primarily Egyptian Belly Dance style, but the main goal here is to laugh, sweat, and loosen and tone the body. Dancing enthusiast, Kate Lewandowski, has a strong medical and yoga background, so she craftily guides alignment and self-body-discovery while getting people to move parts



Wholesome Ageing With Exercise & Dance - Bonnie B. 

You can be any age to learn from the trees! Come for a class of movement exploration and exercise combining yoga, alignment, balance, strength work and fun. Stand Tall, Stay Rooted, Bend with the Wind, Core Strength, Spread your Branches, Breathe, the Trees are teaching us so much! Integrating years of Body-Mind teaching Bonnie Bolz welcomes you to join her for exercise and movement with playful imagery and insights. 


Science and Spirit of Movement -Maria F.

This 4-week series explores movement meditations from a cross cultural perspective. Maria Formolo shares the converging findings from new science and ancient mystical teachings from various cultures around the world. Listen and learn about these fascinating theories and then move and breathe these essences that connect all of creation in a single field of light, energy, and sound. We are at an exciting time when science and spirituality are coming together. This knowledge is full of hope and brings spirit and nature dancing together.



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