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Traci Baxendale Ball

Dance Fitness & Tai Chi

Traci Baxendale Ball

Traci is a nationally recognized mental health expert, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. She began her career in England in 1992 and holds degrees from universities in the UK and the USA. She is the founder of Vibrant Health Company LLC and its related brands. She maintains a full-time private practice, which includes an innovative virtual clinic (one of the first-ever established in Michigan) that has been part of several national research studies on emerging practices. She has specialties in trauma, addictions, and sex ed. Stigma-free and GSD competent, her unique brands, social media presence, and groundbreaking written materials encourage all persons to reach their potential through self-help, professional counseling, and the pursuit of the best wellness possible despite age, injury, and illness. Traci is a clinical content reviewer on the Editorial Team of one of the world’s largest, free, online mental health resources

Her writing is also featured on Trans4Mind, and various other places on the world wide web. Heavily influenced by a holistic perspective, Traci consistently researches nutrition and alternative approaches to health. She is committed to a plant-based lifestyle and provides health coaching worldwide through her online platforms. A Master’s prepared clinician, she also holds advanced credentials in various specialties such as Alcohol and Drug Counseling. She teaches her own brands of fitness (VIBE dance fitness, Aqua Groove), somatic bodywork, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi online and in-person, living out the conviction that mind-body approaches offer the most effective pathway to mental health and optimum physical performance. She is a 3rd-degree black belt and has taught trauma-informed self-defense for over 3 decades.

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